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ASL Social Event At Mississippi Mudds





Today I went to Mississippi Mudds to attend another ASL social event.   You can read about it by clicking on that link above.   There I greeted some hearing and deaf signers.  We got to chat in sign language the whole time.  So that was something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  The restaurant was right by the river. I thought the view from there was quite beautiful.  Some day I would like to go back there again on a nice day for lunch.

Goat Island


Read about deaf lady’s trip to Goat Island at:

Water is the Healthiest Drink


When I was a kid, my parents always made sure I ate healthy.  They knew I never liked water, so they would have me drink milk or juice.    Then I went to college, and celebrated my freedom of eating whatever I wanted and drinking whatever beverages I wanted without my parents telling me what I can or can’t eat.    That’s when I started drinking soda daily, and I regret this.    My health problems started in college from drinking lots of soda and eating lots of junk food.    I started having vertigo, and blamed it on my deafness, since I was born with a 90 percent hearing loss.    There were times when I got so dizzy where I couldn’t walk without throwing up, I ended up in the hospital for x-rays.  They never found anything wrong with me.  Then the heart problems started.   I was having rapid heart beat problems every time I drank a glass of soda.   It took me years to figure this out, that the sugar and caffeine in the soda was giving me health problems.   Then the day came when I decided to start drinking spring water instead of pop.     I made it a daily habit to drink water with all my meals.  It kind of has a plain boring flavor so I would drink orange juice also when I had the craving for it.   And I started to lose weight when I quit drinking all that pop.   My health problems started to diminish.   If you want to lose weight and for your health to get better start drinking water!  It’s the best and healthiest drink all around!  And it’s free!  As of today,I am drinking water daily, and it’s good for your teeth too.


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