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Dollar General Store: Cashier Asks For Hearing Dog To Leave

douglas in airportWhenever I go out shopping I always bring Douglas my hearing dog along. He is here to help to notify me of sounds I can’t hear at home. Without my hearing aids on I am completely deaf. In most places we go to there are usually never any problems. At the stores people spend a lot of time admiring the dog. They usually come up to me and tell he how cute he looks. He puts smiles on people’s faces everywhere I go.

Anyway I decided to stop at the Dollar General store yesterday. Douglas had his orange hearing dog vest on as we went inside. Also I always hold onto the leash and have him close to me whenever we go shopping. When I was nearly done shopping, a cashier followed us in the store. I was wondering why she was not up front working. All of a sudden she started yelling something to me.

Oh no not again is what I told myself. She came up to me with an annoyed look on her face. Then she nastily said that Douglas cannot be in the store. She said again no dogs were allowed there. This woman was standing right next to me and I wondered why she didn’t observe what his vest said. Finally she took the time to read it. Then she asked me if he was a hearing dog. And I said yes. He is a service dog and he’s allowed in public places.

Then she said something to me that I didn’t appreciate. The next thing I knew she was telling me to keep him close to me. It’s almost as if she was trying to tell me I did something wrong. He is always next to me on the leash that I always hold. So I was not happy that she was giving me orders on my service dog. Not only that she was wrong to ask him to leave. Anyway that was one unpleasant experience in the General Dollar Store.

In this world not many people are educated on these hearing dogs. This is why things like this happen when I go out in public sometimes. All I can do is to help more people to understand more about hearing dogs. Let’s help to spread this information out on these wonderful hearing dogs.

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Douglas Goes On Vacation With Me


Good afternoon everyone. My summer has been going great. Just recently I took my hearing dog Douglas to Ohio with me. We went out to eat at some restaurants and he came with us. While he was there, he was quiet and behaved pretty good. He never barked in the restaurants. Now he responds automatically to the doorbell, phone, alarm clock and smoke alarm. When I’m not wearing my hearing aids I can’t hear a thing. So it is very helpful that he is here to notify me of those sounds.

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Hearing Dogs: Teaching Douglas Sign Language


A while ago I received a wonderful hearing dog named Douglas from IHDI .  You can find this agency on facebook at:  As I was training him I signed some commands to him such as sit.

He has been good at remembering some of the words I signed to him.  He is a very intelligent dog.  You can read more about this on bubblews by clicking on the first link above.

About My Hearing Dog


As you know over two weeks ago I received a hearing dog. I found him in the International Hearing Dog Inc. Robert Cooley the trainer flew Douglas down from Colorado for me. Then he stayed in town for a few days teaching me how to train the dog.  Since I was born deaf, it would help me to have a dog to notify me of sounds I can’t hear.  He also goes to work with me every single day.  This dog is allowed with me in all public places.  A few times I have been stopped by security guards asking what is the dog doing in the store. So I had to inform them it was a hearing dog and that it’s perfectly legal to have it in the store.  Ever since Douglas has come into my life, it has changed for the better.

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Meeting Douglas Soon


I had signed up for a hearing dog through the International Hearing Dog Inc a while ago. Since I can’t hear things with my hearing aids off, it would help to notify me of things that make noises. It’s a big help when I am home alone. If the smoke alarm goes off, phone rings, doorbell rings, and so on, the dog will notify me of those sounds. After I filled out the applications, I was approved to get a dog. The agency put me on a waiting list.

Last week, I received a picture of a dog they thought would be good for me. He looked absolutely adorable. And of course, I told them that’s the dog I want. The hearing dog agency sent me a list of things I have to get before the dog arrives. So now I looking forward to meeting Douglas. I can’t wait. It will be a big change to have a hearing dog in my life.

You can read more about this at:

The iCom


I just recently started using an iCom to help me hear on my cell phone. This device works really well, and the sound coming through it is so loud and clear. Now, I can hear better on my cell phone than my house phone as it sounds so much louder coming through my hearing aids itself. You can read two of my articles on bubblews that tells you how this works. Just click on the two links below and it will take you to the articles.

Alarm Clock for Deaf People

bed vibratorBed Vibrator


The Wake & Shake Jumbo alarm clock by Clear Sounds is the best one I ever used.   Mine is pretty old.   My mother brought it for me over 10 years ago.   It’s amazing it still works as good as new.   This is the most reliable alarm clock I’ve ever had.   I would definitely recommend this one for anyone who is deaf and that is unable to hear sounds.

In the past I had thrown this clock into the back of my closet and had forgotten about it. It has a lot of buttons, and I didn’t feel like reading the directions to figure out how to work everything. Too bad I did that. A few years ago I was using a regular alarm clock. I would set the radio at full blast. When it went off, I used to hear it when it would go off for half an hour. If I was in a deep sleep forget it, the sounds are very faint when my hearing aids are off. It doesn’t work. Most of the time I did used to wake up to it, only if the volume was all the way up. Then it became a problem. The sound was too loud and it would wake up my neighbors and my daughter constantly. Then my hearing got worst. Last year I couldn’t hear it at all, no matter how loud it was. Then I had to give it up and use the one I threw in my closet and forgotten about. Finally I read the directions and learned how to use the bed vibrator and the phone signaler and flashing strobe light. Once you use it a few times and set it up, it becomes easy. This was the best thing I have done for myself as far as waking myself up. No more blasting music at 6 in the morning and waking up the neighbors. No more relying on my daughter having to wake me up when I’m not hearing the alarm go off. I had set it up by putting the vibrator under the pillow. And I would set it so that the strobe light would flash in the morning at the same time while my bed vibrator would shake. This worked perfect. After that I woke up on time every morning and the neighbors and my daughter finally got their peace and quiet. 🙂


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