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Captioning Screens Should Be Provided At Drive-Thru Restaurants


  • All my life I have used the drive-thru in places such as Burger King and Wendy’s.  There was not one time when I was ever able to understand word by word what was being said over the speaker.  With my hearing aids, I can hear roughly about 65 percent with them. But I am unable to make out the words unless I lipread the person.  It has been frustrating for me trying to make an order at places like this. Usually I would pull up to the speaker and tell them what I wanted to get.  My order would show up on the screen on the window if the place provided those things. But I never understood what their response was to my order.
  • I would try to tell them I was hearing impaired and to speak louder for me.   Sometimes the person would speak louder but the words sounded broken up.  I could not make out their words at all over a speaker. This has been a frustrating experience for me for the past 40 years. Usually I would tell them I am going to pull up to the window and they would say something back. I never understood what they said after I said I needed to pull up to the window to put in my order. This is totally unfair to the deaf customers.
  • The world needs to start thinking about providing closed captioning monitors at the drive-thru’s for the deaf and for the elderly that are losing their hearing. Deaf people also want to know what is being said to them over the speakers. When is this going to change? I have put up with this nonsense all my life and I feel the world is being ignorant to the needs of deaf people at drive-thru restaurants. Please start providing closed captioning screens for us. We would appreciate it.

The iCom


I just recently started using an iCom to help me hear on my cell phone. This device works really well, and the sound coming through it is so loud and clear. Now, I can hear better on my cell phone than my house phone as it sounds so much louder coming through my hearing aids itself. You can read two of my articles on bubblews that tells you how this works. Just click on the two links below and it will take you to the articles.

Paying Attention Was Not Easy

           Sick smile

You Weren't Paying Attention!                   When I was working in church years ago doing a side job the person in charge, often accused me of not listening.  Especially on that day when a man name George came in with a set of tools.  He gave some kind of speech for an hour standing across the room.     I did my best to try to listen to George by watching him talk the whole hour.  Unfortunately he had a beard and I couldn’t lip read half of what he said.  So I didn’t understand any of the instructions.   I got very bored watching him talk.   George stepped backwards and tripped over a bucket of paint, which spilled all over the floor.    One thing I did hear was him  swearing, the F word.  It was loud and clear. That’s all I heard.

  angry man

After George was done talking, Chucky told me to go do what George taught us. I told him that I didn’t hear what he was telling me to do.  That’s when Chucky flipped out .  He said that I wasn’t  paying attention and for me to stop playing games.   Then I tried to tell him I wasn’t playing around, that I did my best to listen.   He said that’s no excuse and walked away.

smile     Crying faceBoy, did he make me feel bad.   He wasn’t very  understanding when I tried to explain about my hearing problem.  Well either he was having a bad day, or just wasn’t educated on this subject.   So don’t assume that a deaf person is going to understand everything you say just because they are looking right at you when you talk.   And please don’t get impatient with deaf people when they can’t figure out what you said, if they can’t lip read you at the time.    People need to understand that deaf people can’t hear, and it’s not always easy to lip read others, especially from a distance.   It’s hard I know for the deaf at times.

Alarm Clock for Deaf People

bed vibratorBed Vibrator


The Wake & Shake Jumbo alarm clock by Clear Sounds is the best one I ever used.   Mine is pretty old.   My mother brought it for me over 10 years ago.   It’s amazing it still works as good as new.   This is the most reliable alarm clock I’ve ever had.   I would definitely recommend this one for anyone who is deaf and that is unable to hear sounds.

In the past I had thrown this clock into the back of my closet and had forgotten about it. It has a lot of buttons, and I didn’t feel like reading the directions to figure out how to work everything. Too bad I did that. A few years ago I was using a regular alarm clock. I would set the radio at full blast. When it went off, I used to hear it when it would go off for half an hour. If I was in a deep sleep forget it, the sounds are very faint when my hearing aids are off. It doesn’t work. Most of the time I did used to wake up to it, only if the volume was all the way up. Then it became a problem. The sound was too loud and it would wake up my neighbors and my daughter constantly. Then my hearing got worst. Last year I couldn’t hear it at all, no matter how loud it was. Then I had to give it up and use the one I threw in my closet and forgotten about. Finally I read the directions and learned how to use the bed vibrator and the phone signaler and flashing strobe light. Once you use it a few times and set it up, it becomes easy. This was the best thing I have done for myself as far as waking myself up. No more blasting music at 6 in the morning and waking up the neighbors. No more relying on my daughter having to wake me up when I’m not hearing the alarm go off. I had set it up by putting the vibrator under the pillow. And I would set it so that the strobe light would flash in the morning at the same time while my bed vibrator would shake. This worked perfect. After that I woke up on time every morning and the neighbors and my daughter finally got their peace and quiet. 🙂

Being Peaceful


One of the most important things for your mind and body is to be in peaceful state of mind.   This helps to ease stress in daily life.   Going to church of your interest would help.    Church helps to clear my mind and going there relieves a lot of stress too..    Sometimes when I am feeling stressed out from not being able to hear things I really wish to hear, I go to church to clear my mind.   And it leaves me a great feeling of peacefulness.    Sometimes I don’t have time to go, and I know church can be boring, but even when I don’t understand what they are saying, I can feel that great sense of peace there.                                                                                
Feeling joy is a great feeling.  Sometimes I can feel that when I listen to my favorite music when no one is around.   Then I can completely enjoy the songs on my own.   Working out with weights and playing music is a great idea.  It helps to relieve tensions and it cheers me up for the day.   You don’t even have to join a gym.  Just throw a gym mat down in your living room, turn on the music and do exercises on the mat from half hour to an hour is good.
On a nice sunny warm day, I like to take a run.  My favorite places to go running is by the woods because it’s quiet there and not many people around.    Sometimes I see deer running in and out of the woods when I’m out there.   I saw lots of them lots summer.    One unusual deer actually stopped and blocked my path on the sidewalk.  He just stood there and looked at me.   So I had to stop running and I didn’t want to disturb him.   I turned around and started running the other way, but before I did that, I took a picture of him.  It was so neat.


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