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Douglas Goes On Vacation With Me


Good afternoon everyone. My summer has been going great. Just recently I took my hearing dog Douglas to Ohio with me. We went out to eat at some restaurants and he came with us. While he was there, he was quiet and behaved pretty good. He never barked in the restaurants. Now he responds automatically to the doorbell, phone, alarm clock and smoke alarm. When I’m not wearing my hearing aids I can’t hear a thing. So it is very helpful that he is here to notify me of those sounds.

You might want to read more about my hearing dog below.

Bubblews Continues To Be The Best Paying Site In The World


Bubblews is a wonderful site.  I have been writing articles on it since March 2013.  You can write about anything you want and you just need to follow the rules in order to get paid.  The posts need to have at least 400 characters or more.  It’s also better to use your own photos when writing your articles on the site.  No copying is allowed and you cannot use links in the comments sections under the posts.  When you write on bubblews try to make your articles interesting with good spelling. That way others would want to read it.  Once you are done writing your articles you can send them to Facebook, Twitter,Digg, Pinterest,Delicious, and to many other social sites.  Bubblews have continued to pay me and they have been very reliable for me.  Once you make 25 dollars, you can hit the redeem button and wait to get paid.  If you would like to join this site, you can click on my referral link at:

Listed below are some of the recent articles I have written on Bubblews.  Enjoy!  ♥

Making Money On Bubblews


Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Lately I have been spending a lot of time on Bubblews writing articles to make some money.  If you want to try out the site click here:  Here are some of my latest articles that you might enjoy reading.  ♪

I’m Getting There ♥

I Made It ♥

Picnic At Hemlock Lake Park ♥

Morning Run ♥

Enjoying the Pool

 ImageIt’s summer and I like going to the pool when I can.  It’s a great place to relax and to enjoy the hot summer days with an iced cold refreshing drink.   I haven’t seen any deaf people at the pools where I go, but nevertheless I enjoy hanging out at the pool.  I like to swim and I also like to dive, except there is no diving board at the places that I go to.  I haven’t been online much due to being outdoors more and enjoying the great summer weather.  I managed to write some more articles on Bubblews which you can read and enjoy.   Just click on the links below.




My Trip To Manhattan, NYC


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I know I haven’t been on here for some time, as I have been very busy with other important things. Last week, I took a trip to NYC with my family and relatives. We visited some very interesting places out there. I am the only deaf person in my whole family, but they are good at communicating with me properly. Here are a few links to some of my bubblews articles about my trip. Just click on them and that will take you to the articles.

NYC-The City That Never Sleeps at:

Times Square at:

Old Photos of My Mother



My mother was the woman that raised me. She gave me very nice life.  You can read more about her on bubblews at:

Bubblews Is A Good Place To Earn Money By Writing Posts

ImageGood evening ladies and gentlemen.  The past couple of weeks I have made some money, just by writing posts on bubblews.  Besides doing that, I spent time viewing, commenting, and liking other people’s posts.  We make money by doing that too, by getting involved.  When you reach the amount of 25 dollars in the Bank, you can redeem it and get paid.   They have paid me every single time and this site is reliable to me.   Here are some more of the posts I have written that  you can read:

Why the DISLIKE? at

The Best Post I Have Read Today Is:

Bubblews Sent Me Another Payment This Morning:

Gathering New Ideas For Your Posts:

After What I Have Been Through I Hope This Won’t Happen To Another Deaf Child:


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