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My mother was the woman that raised me. She gave me very nice life.  You can read more about her on bubblews at:

New Hearing Aids At Last

Golden-sunset-reflecting-in-the-wate-of-lakeGood evening everybody! It’s so good to be here tonight. Last summer I had requested for new hearing aids from Beltone. They worked terrible, so I had them returned. Later my regular audiologist ordered a new pair of Phonak hearing aids for me. I had no idea how that would turn out due to my bad experience with the Beltone hearing aids. Believe me, I will never go back to Beltone, their hearing aids were awful. When I went to see my audiologist, he tested these new hearing aids on a machine hooked up to a computer. We had to pick out the level of the sound that I was comfortable with.

A few weeks later, I received a check given to me by my Empire Plan Insurance company. Happily I paid my audiologist the 3,000 dollars from my insurance company. That covered my hearing aids and my new ear molds, plus the batteries. So I didn’t have to pay a dime. You could say I got them free. Boy I was lucky. Then I tried them on and they were very comfortable with the ear molds. I was very happy. These are much better than my old ones. I was hearing some sounds I never heard before in my entire life! So that is amazing. These are really good hearing aids.


World Ignored Deaf Lady’s Needs for over 45 Years

There were a number of problems as far as not getting my communication needs met in this world.   For over 40 years, they did not set up close captioning in any of the movies I wanted to see  in the theaters nearby me.    This problem goes on today.   Just recently I had wanted to see a movie over at the Regal Cinemas and asked if they can close caption it.  They said sorry, they don’t have that.  So, now I don’t go to the movies anymore.   They don’t caption it at the theaters nearby me, so why bother going?    They provide headphones for the deaf in movie theaters.   Those things don’t help me to understand the movie at all, so I don’t wear those.

English: University Station, train coming in

English: University Station, train coming in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a lip reader.  I can’t hear over a headphone, or understand anything.   My parents took me on a lot of trips by plane every single year.  Not once did they close caption any of the Safety Announcements on the plane for me in over 40 years.   Up to this day, I still do not know what to do if there were to be an emergency on the plane.  As I could never hear what was being said over the microphone about the safety announcements.  The last time I was in the airport was on Dec. 22, 2012.  They did not provide any close captioning screen for me at my gate to tell me when my flight was leaving.  Neither did they provide any closed captioning screen for me on the plane to help me understand what was being said over the speakers.     I had to put up with this for over 40 years, and this is enough.

Just recently I took the Buffalo metro-rail train downtown this week.  There were no text scrolling screens on the train for me to read where we were stopping.   Every time the train stopped, an announcement was being made over a speaker. I couldn’t hear or understand anything being said over that microphone.  This has got to be very hard on the deaf people.   It isn’t fair to deaf people like me to not understand what is going on when traveling by train or plane.      What about restaurants?    I had recently taken my daughter out to dinner before her big trip.    When the waitress asked me what I wanted to order, I couldn’t understand her.    Then when I tried to tell her I was deaf, she didn’t understand what to do, or how to speak to me.   Therefore my daughter took over to speak for me.    People have got to get educated in places like this, on how to talk to a deaf person.       Things have got to change for all deaf people for the better.  Please help make this world a better place for the deaf.

Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids (Photo credit: ikesters)

hearing aid cartoonHearing aids are one of the greatest inventions for the needs of the deaf. I would be lost without them. The only times when I don’t wear them is when I’m in the pool, or sleeping, or my ears are sore. They can feel uncomfortable at times, but I am used to it. When I was a kid, I had to get a few stitches in my right ear. It seems like the rubbing of the ear molds on the ears can agitate it a little bit. Every 5 years,the audiologist sends me in for a hearing test to get an update on my hearing. When I was little my hearing loss was about 75% in my left ear and 80% in the right. This year I had two hearing tests done at the audiologist. They told me my hearing has gotten much worst.   per hearing aid, so that’s a total of 3,000 all together. So that is a blessing.

Sometimes they do break. And it is expensive getting them fixed. I always save an old pair on hand in case this happens. I really don’t want to go without wearing the hearing aids, I can’t hear anything if I don’t. When they are not on, it feels like all the sounds are being shut off. Then I feel uncomfortable going anywhere without them on. Mainly because I can’t hear voices, or talking, things like that. I feel lost. It’s the similar feeling of listening to your favorite music then someone shuts it off and you can’t hear it anymore. You’re feeling disappointed. Things I can hear without hearing aids, are doors that slam, or anything really loud. Like things being dropped to the floor, or any kind of banging sound, but that’s about it. If someone were to talk right into my ear close up, I would hear that. Strange isn’t it?

All my life I always wished I wouldn’t have to wear hearing aids anymore. Up to this day, I still can’t hear without them, so wearing them is a must. They make me feel so different from others. Almost like a bionic robot. When I was little I was ashamed of being seen with them. It just felt weird because I was the only kid in the school that wore hearing aids. It was almost embarrassing for me. When I first got them I had dreams of having a radio button being installed on my hearing aids, and always thought that would be so cool. Well that never happened. As I grew up, lots of people didn’t know what hearing aids were. Sometimes I would have to explain to them what they were used for and so on. Up to this day, I still don’t want to be seen wearing the hearing aids, and I’m 48 years old. The most embarrassing thing is when I’m in a room full of people and the hearing aids start whistling and I can’t hear it. Then people are staring at me like, what on earth is that noise? I hate it when that happens, I just want to go and hide. But I lived with using them all my life, so this is nothing new. Today I’m just grateful I can afford to get them, and that they are covered by my insurance. I need these things!


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