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Guest Post by Paul Smith

The Blogger’s Code
Blog (from web log) is a web site the main content of which is regularly added posts, multimedia or pictures. There are millions of the blogs worldwide embracing such topics as news, business, finance, health, fitness let alone the countless blogs which are the kind of the online diary. Bloggers are people who perform blogging.
Here you will find the main points of the blogger’s code.
  1. Use catchy headlines: short and attractive, in the spirit of tabloids. They make an impression upon readers and give you more chances to be read.
  2. Be unique. Try to make your blog at least partly unique. For example, if you include quotations, they must reflect the theme of the message.
  3. Make sure of the reputation of your sources. Never plagiarize something. Never use somebody’s content, if you don’t trust it. You can refer to it in your introduction, but share your own thoughts on the topic, do not become an imitator.
  4. Think before you post your message. Blogging is not a race, do not hurry. Such a way you will not want to publish anything, about what you can regret.
  5. Keep your topic. The content of the blog is a key to success.
  6. Post links, it is polite. If you have read something interesting in the Internet and told about it to your readers, post a link. It is inconvenient to read something you have to search for instead of clicking the link.
  7. Watch your style. Nobody wants to be bored to death during reading your blog. You should try to attract the readers which can be not familiar with the subject you write about in your blog. Some really refined people can turn off by their academic writing style. You should hold a conversation on equal terms with other people, but not a haughty manner.
  8. Answer comments. It is cool to blog, but if you don’t answer comments readers will feel bored and they can unsubscribe. It is even nice to send e-mail, IM or speak through Skype with a person who posted a comment.When to post a message. The best time for publishing posts is morning, when people look through their subscription.
  9. Be conflicting. Do not be shy, stand up and declare your opinion. No matter that nobody agree with you. Until you believe in your own words don’t be afraid to conflict. People are inclined to see two sides of the coin. Consider yourself but do not go too far or they will
  10. treat you as a hollow hell-raiser.
  11. Blogging is not the e-mail. It can be an online-diary, but it doesn’t mean that every post you should start with the words “Dear Diary”. The same I can say about “Hello”, “Hi the world” and so on. There is no need to put your name everywhere; it will be displayed in the end of the message.
  12. Don’t make false assumptions about other people. Don’t think that readers are good in your product, service or hobby.
So you see that such points of the blogger’s code are not so difficult to follow. But they can really help to make your web log popular and interesting for people.

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Computers-How to Keep Them Working Good

lady studying on computer

When you are working on your blogs, it’s important for you to have your computer in good working condition. Each day you should run the antivirus scan software to keep it free of viruses.   I do that once a day and the program I am using is the Microsoft security essentials software.   It works good and I was able to  download it straight from my computer.

When you have spent time downloading a lot of pictures and programs, it takes up some space.   It would be a good idea to go into your files and delete any old pictures and programs that you are not using anymore.   That way you will have more space to upload more pictures without cramming your computer up.   If you want to clean out your files and you don’t want to lose your pictures, you can easily upload them into the Photobucket files in your name.    Or you can save them into your account on facebook or at myspace.
Internet addict

Make sure to keep your computer screens free of dust and dirt. You can take a dry cloth and just wipe it off from time to time. Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep the laptop closed when you’re not using it, so that dust doesn’t get inside it. To clean the computer screen, I use the Monster Screen Cleaner Solution. I just spray it on and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You should also take the keyboard and shake out the dirt inside of it once in a while if you can.
There are programs that come with your computer that you can use to make it run better. Once in a while use the disk defragmenter drive to improve the system’s performance. And make sure you go to internet properties from the control panel and delete the temporary files,history,cookies, and saved passwords. Good luck!

Traffic-Here’s How To Get More Visitors to Your Website


    There are hundreds of ways to get more traffic to your website.    First I started off at bloggers.  You can meet hundreds of other bloggers and review their websites, and follow them.   And they will do the same and follow you back .    This is a really good social site because the people on it are  friendly.   There’s also Bloggers Talk which is kind of like a questions and answers chat room on this site.   There you can start your own talk to get other bloggers involved.  Or you can join other people’s talks.   I would definitely advise you to try this site.  The people here made me feel very welcome when I was new and didn’t know anything about blogging.   I also gained a ton of visitors here.   You could also join other forums and discussion boards and leave your link behind when you comment or start a talk.   Link Referral has lots of discussion groups to pick from.    After I joined bloggers, I joined linkreferral and it was the best thing I have done.     After the first day I noticed I received an extra 100 visitors a day.   My traffic increased a lot.   When you are using the site, make sure you review other members blogs.  You also should add some favorites and start a topic in the forums in order to gain more visitors.

website traffic

When you join sites to make money, you are also increasing your traffic on your websites.   One interesting way to make a little bit of money is to join  You get paid each time someone reviews and comments on your posts.

Try this site

Do guests posts on other people’s blogs.
Comment on their posts.
Join surfing sites. If you surf 300 blogs, you will get 300 visitors back.
Join facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, reddit, and so on.
Add your blog to search engines and directories.
Send emails with links to your blog.
Add pictures or cartoons to your posts to make them interesting.
Make sure you do a new post at least once a week if you want your visitors to keep coming back for more.
Add blog buttons. I have three buttons on the bottom right side of my blog at Susana the Deaf Lady at You can just grab the code and past it onto your websites.  When you add photos to your posts, use a simple keyword to name it so that search engines can pick that up.

Good luck blogging!


How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog


There are many ways to get more people to view your blog.

Try some of the surfing websites. HitSafari has interesting banners and looks like a jungle website.
HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

Another good surfing site is blog clicker

You pretty much just need to surf the site and look at the blogs and in return you will get visitors back on your site. Works pretty well. There’s hundreds of surfing sites to pick from. So, just get the ones that works well for you.

Posting some YouTube Videos with a link to your website on them can help you get some traffic also.

Doing some guest posts on other blogs by writing an article about your selected topic helps also.

Sharing your blog on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Google, Pinterest and so on helps.

Try to make a button for your blog. That way others can grab it and post it on their blog and you will get more visitors that way.

Submit the link to your blog to a bunch of directories and search engines. There’s hundreds of them that you can add your blog on for free. The list is endless.

Add buttons from your favorite websites onto yours, and they will do the same and add your buttons to their websites if you ask them to.

Send emails to people by adding a link to your blog for them to look at.

Make sure to comment on other peoples blogs by leaving a link guiding visitors back to your website. The more comments you make, the more visitors you will get back when you leave a link to yours.

One of the best things I did was to sign up for LinkReferral for free.     Once I signed up for this site, the traffic on my website automatically went up instantly.  And I had twice as more visitors than I did in the start.    Make sure you review other people’s websites, and pick a few favorites.    They have instructions when you join telling you what to do in order to get traffic.

Good Luck blogging!



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