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Guest Post by Paul Smith

The Blogger’s Code
Blog (from web log) is a web site the main content of which is regularly added posts, multimedia or pictures. There are millions of the blogs worldwide embracing such topics as news, business, finance, health, fitness let alone the countless blogs which are the kind of the online diary. Bloggers are people who perform blogging.
Here you will find the main points of the blogger’s code.
  1. Use catchy headlines: short and attractive, in the spirit of tabloids. They make an impression upon readers and give you more chances to be read.
  2. Be unique. Try to make your blog at least partly unique. For example, if you include quotations, they must reflect the theme of the message.
  3. Make sure of the reputation of your sources. Never plagiarize something. Never use somebody’s content, if you don’t trust it. You can refer to it in your introduction, but share your own thoughts on the topic, do not become an imitator.
  4. Think before you post your message. Blogging is not a race, do not hurry. Such a way you will not want to publish anything, about what you can regret.
  5. Keep your topic. The content of the blog is a key to success.
  6. Post links, it is polite. If you have read something interesting in the Internet and told about it to your readers, post a link. It is inconvenient to read something you have to search for instead of clicking the link.
  7. Watch your style. Nobody wants to be bored to death during reading your blog. You should try to attract the readers which can be not familiar with the subject you write about in your blog. Some really refined people can turn off by their academic writing style. You should hold a conversation on equal terms with other people, but not a haughty manner.
  8. Answer comments. It is cool to blog, but if you don’t answer comments readers will feel bored and they can unsubscribe. It is even nice to send e-mail, IM or speak through Skype with a person who posted a comment.When to post a message. The best time for publishing posts is morning, when people look through their subscription.
  9. Be conflicting. Do not be shy, stand up and declare your opinion. No matter that nobody agree with you. Until you believe in your own words don’t be afraid to conflict. People are inclined to see two sides of the coin. Consider yourself but do not go too far or they will
  10. treat you as a hollow hell-raiser.
  11. Blogging is not the e-mail. It can be an online-diary, but it doesn’t mean that every post you should start with the words “Dear Diary”. The same I can say about “Hello”, “Hi the world” and so on. There is no need to put your name everywhere; it will be displayed in the end of the message.
  12. Don’t make false assumptions about other people. Don’t think that readers are good in your product, service or hobby.
So you see that such points of the blogger’s code are not so difficult to follow. But they can really help to make your web log popular and interesting for people.

About the author: Highly appreciated writer Paul Smith is interested in languages and reading books in the original. Write him any language you know and he will to reply you with pleasure Google+|essay writing services review.

Fighting with stress or how to enjoy life

Fast rate of a life… huge amount of information… long-lasting psychological tension… it’s useless to deny that stress has become our constant companion and a norm of life. We are always aware of our physical health and do not pay much attention to the psychological and emotional state. Still many scientists are sure that most diseases are caused by nervous instability.  Let’s figure out the nature of stress and how exactly we can avoid it.


It is important to know that stress has a different effect on every person. For some people stress is a means to mobilize energy. Another person being in the state of tension is not able to show good results. What determines our reaction to stress? Our personal qualities? Not really. The answer is in biology. Legend says that Alexander the Great loved to check candidates for warlords position. During a party Alexander raised his hand with a sword on a person and watched his reaction. The one whose face was white with fear didn’t pass this exam. If a person was flushed with anger, it meant that he was brave and fit the position. But Alexander didn’t know that hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline are responsible these reactions.

Scientists have found that epinephrine and norepinephrine production varies in each of us. They divided people into different types depending on the predominant hormone:

• Rabbits  – people whose organism produces adrenaline even when the stress rate is low. They are very susceptible to anxiety. “Rabbits” are extremely responsible and unable to “forget” about work even when they are having a rest. These people are prone to stroke, hypertension, depression and nervous breakdowns .

• Lions  – people of norepinephrine type . They easily cope with stressful situations. “Lions” are ambitious, they have the strong character and they are always purposeful. However, it is difficult to unwind for them, which can lead to aggression and unpleasant experiences.

• Mixed type. People of mixed type have increased rate of adrenaline and noradrenaline. They are very emotional, artistic, love attention . People of mixed type tend to quick changes of the mood. Nervous exhaustion and insomnia are frequent problems of such people.

As you can see, the reaction to stress is very different. Obviously, methods of fighting with stress differs for each type mentioned above. Extreme sports will help “Rabbits” suffering from an excess of stress hormone. Parachute jumping and climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving these are great opportunities to get away from the monotonous work and get bright emotions. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before choosing the anti-stressful activity! Internal tension of “Lions” will be removed with the help of physical but not emotional stress. Your salvation is in active sports such as swimming and running. Also it’s useful to go to the gym regularly. These measures will decrease aggression and reduce the possibility of nervous breakdowns. Representatives of the mixed type are constantly fighting with conflicting emotions and strong impressions. Such people mustn’t further expose themselves to physical and emotional stress. Meditation and such spiritual practices as yoga will bring harmony into your life. Be sure to follow the regime and do not neglect the quiet walks in the fresh air.

However there are cases when simple stress relief schemes do not work. In this case, you can try to fight with stress with the help of new methods.

1. Laughter therapy is one of the most popular techniques for removing and preventing stress. In some countries it is used for the treatment of sexual disorders. There are “Clubs of Laughter Therapy.” Sessions are held in the open air, they are free of charge and are very popular.

2. Scream therapy. The reason for the effectiveness of scream therapy is simple. The so-called hormone of happiness (endorphin) is produced by means of creaming. Besides, this hormone is a natural analgetic. Scientists believe that even ten seconds of loud scream are enough to get rid of the tension.

3. Aromatherapy. Essential oils have been known since ancient times for its healing properties. In addition, they are able to help our body to fight against various sources of stress. Oil of bergamot, lemon balm or lemon will help you to calm down. In order to reduce the level of emotional stress, use jasmine, ylang- ylang and Neroli oil. If you need to cheer up , get help from clary sage, geranium and rosemary oils. Lavender, marjoram and rose oils have a relaxing effect. Massage with essential oils is the most reliable way to achieve the desired effect. Aromatic baths and inhalation are also very effective in fighting with stress. But, infants, the elderly, asthmatics and future mothers should avoid taking any essential oils.

4. Art therapy is one of the safest methods of dealing with stress. It has no health or age restrictions. This method is often used to fight with fear, timidity, internal aggression, and to express emotion, which are not shared with anyone. The effectiveness of art therapy is achieved by helping the individual to express feelings through art, and to see these emotions clearly. This approach helps to understand the nature of emotions and get rid of stressful state.

As you can see, fighting with stress can be very enjoyable. After all, we have a big amount of methods to become happier and healthier. Choose the most appropriate! The main thing – do not miss a moment! Otherwise, you are risking to have serious psychiatric disorders, which can be solved only with the help of specialists. Be healthy!

About the author: A wonderful writer Melisa Marzett works on such topics as fashion, beauty and health. She will  gladly contact with you on Google+.  Other essays written by Melisa can be found at quality essay.


Guest Post by Kirsty Boden: Home Resolutions For The Deaf – Deafgard


Kirsty Boden is a keen blogger and social media enthusiast, and enjoys creating quality pieces of engaging content for her followers.
Whether it be on behalf of herself or a client, she enjoys sharing her personal experiences and has a diverse span of interests including technology, food, health, fitness, fashion and the arts.
My Twitter is @littlebearson, if anyone wishes to contact me 🙂
As a part-time carer for an elderly relative I know first-hand some of the daily challenges faced by those individuals who are hard of hearing. The most common problems are often surrounding the most basic of tasks which many of us take for granted; communicating with others, watching television or speaking on the phone. With these daily rigmaroles to deal with it is easy to overlook one of the most important concerns that should be addressed – home fire safety.

Many hard of hearing people feel most vulnerable at night time and are fearful of not being alerted in an emergency. Hearing aids are not for everyone and even if the individual does usually wear one it is common to take the device out when sleeping for ease of comfort. Some rely on service dogs for support, or as is with my grandfather, the assistance of a loved one to awaken and warn them of any disturbance or noise that may occur.

Although it is rare to be caught up in a house fire, it is still absolutely vital to take necessary measures to ensure that your home and the people inside it are protected from fire risks. The results of fire can be devastating; the flames relentlessly destroy your home with no thought to your personal belongings. Not to mention the safety of your loved ones; a shocking statistic from Directgov revealed that 72% of the recorded fatalities from fires actually occur in the home.

Fireco at: specialize in creating and supplying innovative new fire safety products and systems. The Deafgard at is one of their products; a wireless fire alarm which works by vibrating the pillow and flashing lights when a fire alarm sounds. This wireless device is designed to sit comfortably on a bedside table and has a vibrating pad attached to it which sits beneath the sleeper’s pillow at night. If a fire alarm sounds, the Deafgard receives a radio signal from a device that picks up the sound of the alarm and activates its flashing LED lights and LCD screen, thus awakening the individual and raising the alarm. My grandfather recommends his Deafgard as an excellent alarm clock too!

Vibrating fire alarm units such as the Deafgard help the hard of hearing, deaf and elderly to keep their independence and not feel reliant on friends and family to alert them during an emergency. They also allow for people to live alone and/or stay in the comfort of their own home for longer rather than going into care.

Although they don’t come cheap, you may be able to claim one on your health insurance or through your healthcare plan. Consult your doctor to see if you are entitled to a discount, as we were.

Guest Post: Paul Smith of

Paul Smith is a author. As a professional writer he covers various topics, including business, blogging, lifestyle and others.

Top 5 mistakes of blogging

Many of us are inspired by the idea of having our own blog. Really, it’s quite easy to start. The algorithm is still the same, but in real life it’s quite seldom followed. We hate rules. If the blog is not originally oriented on moneymaking, that means it’s aimed to be the place where we share our inspiration. Our hobbies, thoughts, pictures, life experience, whatever. But what is one and common is a vital necessity to be read, heard and appreciated. Are you really aimed to be a good blogger? Then, there still will be some rules, because when ignored, those little and almost invisible mistakes can spoil you everything. So, concentrate on these things to avoid:


1. Poor grammar. I don’t believe that it’s about you! Making writing mistakes can nullify the best impression from your writing. Moreover, if the blog is niche one and aimed at serious, professional audience, there’s a chance you won’t be taken serious at all. So, check your writing several times to make sure you’ve not failed somewhere. The same can be said about stylistic mistakes.

2. Not proper formatting. Your writing can be brilliant, but if one will see it in a small font without paragraphs and subtitles, it won’t be read at all so nobody will appreciate that brilliance. Form really matters when it comes to publishing any information. Make your post visibly attractive and comfortable for the reader. Use the subtitles, paragraphs, lists, color, underlining – everything will do.

3. Not being concrete and oriented on topic. Before you start writing, it’s a good idea to get determined by the message you want to bring to your readers. Remember the following: one post for one idea. If you have loads of thoughts, better create several posts. If you have nothing to say, don’t write at all! It’s not much rewarding for the reader to realize that he has spent 15 minutes on the piece of reading without any concrete sense.

4. Be in the network of your post’s length. If you want to cover some topic in detail (which means writing a really long post), it will be good to divide it in two parts. Because people are often reluctant to read the posts which are too long (over 1500 words). What is more, long posts are not SEO-friendly, as well as short ones are. So, writing less than 400 words in also a bad idea and will do only as a comment to some really cool photo or video you’ve uploaded.

5. Not using technical tricks. If you want the readers to find you, you just can’t help but use all possible methods for it. Pick proper keywords, check the post to make sure there’s no broken links. Use the base of SEO to get your blog rated higher. Actually, use all possible methods to make your blog relevant for the search engines. The perfecting your blog itself won’t bring such results as perfecting and using SEO.

My Guest Post by Kym



Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Kym the writer of Deaf In the Kitchen blog was kind enough to let me do a guest post on her blog.  Please feel free to check it out by clicking on this link at:   Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. ♥ 



Guest Post: Alexis Bonari of College Scholarships


About the Author:

Alexis Bonari writes for one of the largest open databases of college funding opportunities. Specific topics like student grants are described in detail to provide multiple resources for students.   Her personal website is    Here is her article on how to get in shape.


How to Get in Shape When You Hate Exercise


You know you need to exercise, but you just can’t muster the motivation. You keep hearing people tell you how “amazing” they feel after exercising and how much energy it gives them, but every time you try to work out, you end up doubled over and gasping for air after only 10 minutes. You’re grabbing your side from pain and all you want to do is crawl under the covers and take a nap.


Not everyone loves exercise. Even those who do may have found it to be a long courtship. When you’re body’s not used to doing exercise, it will take some time for it to get used to the activity and to start reaping the benefits, such as increased energy and elevated mood. In the meantime, you either have to fake it until you make it, or you have to find other ways to sneak in exercise without it feeling like you’re exercising. Here are a few ideas:


Do Something Fun with Friends


Any activity seems to go by a little faster when you’re having fun, and who better to have fun with than your friends? Plan a meet up to do something low-key where you can exercise while socializing. You might take a walk in the park, go to a yoga class, or even head out for a night of dancing. Whatever you do, the key is to find something that will get you moving and that will allow you to have fun!


Do Something You Like Doing Anyway


Have you heard that expression “find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life?” The same is true for exercise. If there is something you love to do that is physical, you won’t feel like you’re exercising when you’re doing it. This can be dancing with your sweetie. Or it can be playing a vigorous game of tag with your kids. Or maybe it’s playing in the weekend softball league with your company.


Again, the key is to simply have fun. Find something you love to do that gets you moving, and do it often.


Perform Projects around the House


Raking the leaves, weeding the garden, painting the pantry. These are all jobs that can get you working up a sweat and building your muscles. They are also jobs that have to get done, so you can’t avoid doing them because the thought of “exercise” makes you want to curl up in front of the TV with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.


Look for other projects around the house that have to get done, and make it your mission to complete them a little at a time every day. You’ll get the exercise you need, and you’ll have a house that you’ll be proud to call home.


Add Little Bits of Activity Into Your Day


The thought of going to the gym to work out for an hour can be unappealing even to those who enjoy exercise. Instead of setting out a chunk of time to exercise, just focus on adding more activity throughout your day. Studies have shown that smaller bits of exercise are just as effective as longer stretches. So three 10-minute walks are just as effective as one 30-minute walk.


Take short breaks and go for a walk around your block. Walk up and down the stairs a couple of times on your lunch break. Ride a bike to the market if it’s close instead of taking your car. The more things like this you do, the more activity you will get throughout your day.


Getting in shape doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you like exercise or you can’t stand it, you can easily get the healthy activity you need by following these simple tips.


How do you fit more exercise into your day? Share your tips in the comments!


Guest Post: Victory Lean writer of

cartoon working out

My name is Victory and I’m working for as a writer. This job arose in me the wish of having a healthy and happy life. Since I’m quite passionate about human’s body health, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with the readers of this site. Eventually, our site is a showcase to electronic cigarettes and of course they are a first step to quit smoking and have a better state of mind and body. Electronic Cigarettes are much healthier than smoking tobacco; they reduce the negative impact on environment and would lengthen a smoker’s life. But in order to forget about smoking and even to improve a man’s health, he should enhance his quality of life by going in for sports; having a fresh air walk everyday; and having a proper meal. So, to those who decide to quit smoking try to fulfill your time; this will help you forget about smoking.

                            Focusing on The Whole During a Workout

When working out, it can be very easy to focus on one target area and to forget to pay any attention to the others.  This is fine every once in a while. However, when people get too hung up on working only one set of muscles, it can become a problem.  Men especially tend to do this.  A man might really like to work on his biceps because he finds them to be the best part of his body, thus neglecting the other body parts like the legs, for instance.  Not only does this make him look very disproportionate, but it also causes him to be weak in areas that may actually be important to him in daily life.

The Cause

Men with very large legs and small arms or super toned abs but less than nice looking calves can be found just about anywhere.  This is because men have the tendency to favor certain parts of their body over others.  When a man knows he has great abs, he almost becomes obsessed with working on them as much as possible.  Not only that, but they also like to avoid places where they might not feel as strong.  If a man does not really like his legs or thinks they are weak, he might tend to avoid working on them.   This can make these individuals look pretty silly in some cases.  It is important to focus on the body as a whole when working out in order to get each body part equally as large and strong as the next.

The Problem and Solution

The major problem that this disproportioned figure causes is that these men cannot always do what they would like to be able to do.  For example a man who only focuses on his arms may have a very rough time completing a long hike or a sustained run.  For parents who want to be able to do things like that with their children, this can be disheartening.  Men who may only work out their legs, abs, or another muscle group might face similar problems.  This imbalance can cause insecurity problems as well. These individuals might not feel as confident in themselves if they are not as well balanced as other men might be.

This is a simple fix.   However, when at the gym, make sure to focus on the whole entire body as one, rather than singling out certain muscle groups or body parts.  Soon enough, everything will balance out and enjoying the little things in life will be much more feasible.

Victory Lean is a writer at which is about the  Electronic Cigarette showcase.  She likes to share lifestyle tips and advices for healthy living.


"Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe it to football." — Albert Camus..................... "If God existed, he would be a solid midfielder." — Aleksandar Hemon................……………...........................

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