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Meditation and Ashrams

dadflowersWhen my dad raised me he took me to a few ashrams.    It was supposed to be like a vacation that I never enjoyed.     It was more like camping because we didn’t get to stay in a hotel.   We had to sleep in a sleeping bag when we went.    And out there we didn’t get to eat in a restaurant, or at a place like burger king.   They served all health food and no junk food was allowed.   At the time I was just a kid and this was not for me.

There would be a man who was like a guru at the ashram.  He would be sitting on the ground with his legs crossed.   And his hands would be up as if he was praying.  Then everyone else had to do the same thing.    We didn’t sit on chairs we had to sit on a mat.  And boy I hated that.   During the praying sessions they would close their eyes and say OOOOMMM over and over again.

I never knew what that meant.    But then the Guru would say some prayers with our eyes closed.   And I never understood a word because I am a lipreader.   And I can’t hear or  understand when my eyes are not open to see what is being said.  Therefore I didn’t get anything out of going to the ashrams.  But my dad surely did.  As he was into spiritual healings.  So this was for him.

He loved to meditate so this was his thing.  I didn’t like the food they served as it was all vegetarian.  But I guess eating healthy was good for me at least.   There would be no television or movies to watch at the ashram.   It was more like camping out and it was all about meditation.    And there was always incense lit up during the sessions.

As a child I never really understood why dad would drive 3 hours to go to an ashram.    At home he would have a pyramid set up in the basement.  Then he would leave bottles of water in it to purify them.  I never understood that process either.

But anyway my dad was really a fantastic healer.   He was able to heal me of a lot of things as I grew up.   But the only thing he could not heal was my hearing.  He didn’t want me to be deaf.  So he tried over and over again to do his healing prayers to restore my hearing.    But it never worked.     It was hard for him to accept that I was going to be deaf for life.     At least he tried.    Now he is 91 years old.


Deaf Fullback, Interpreter Breaking Down Sound Barriers (Open Caption)


Micah Willis

Deaf Fullback, Interpreter Breaking Down Sound Barriers

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Deaf fullback, interpreter breaking down sound barriers

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Deaf Fullback, Interpreter Breaking Down Sound Barriers (Open Caption)

via Deaf Fullback, Interpreter Breaking Down Sound Barriers (Open Caption)

Kitchen Staff Girl Denies Service Dog At Breakfast in Hotel

via Kitchen Staff Girl Denies Service Dog At Breakfast in Hotel

Kitchen Staff Girl Denies Service Dog At Breakfast in Hotel

While I was in NC visiting my father I stayed at the Residence Inn near the Greensboro Airport.  My father hasn’t been well so I flew down from NY to visit him for a few days.   There was a free breakfast in the hotel in the morning so I decided to go.  And that’s where all the trouble started.

Feeling hungry I took Douglas my hearing dog with me into the dining room.  He had on his service dog vest like usual.  And he was very well behaved.   I went over to get a plate and started putting some scrambled eggs on it.  As I tried to get my orange juice and some bacon a girl from the kitchen interrupted me.   She said no dogs allowed.

I told her Douglas is a service animal and he is definitely allowed in the hotel.   Then she said no he’s not permitted in there.  And I said did you read his vest?  She said it doesn’t matter he is a dog.   At that point I just walked away and I told her she was wrong.

Not knowing she worked there in the kitchen I just ignored her.  She approached me in a pretty rude way that I didn’t feel I had to listen.   I am hard of hearing and that is why I have a hearing dog.   If a person doesn’t face me so I can lipread them I may not understand the words.

While I had the dog’s leash in one hand I continued to gather the rest of my breakfast.   I was certainly starving and had no time to be disturbed.   As I tried to walk to a table with my food that same girl came from behind me again.   She told me to get my dog out of there.  Knowing I was on vacation I wasn’t going to accept being mistreated in the hotel.

Because she kept bothering me about the dog, I went over to the manager myself.    I told him everything that the girl said to me.  He said she was wrong and he apologized for the inconvenience.   And I told him I was on vacation and was trying to just enjoy a breakfast in that hotel.  He again told me that the girl didn’t know.

Then 4  hours later that same girl came over and apologized to me.    She didn’t seem to show any remorse.  She only did it because the manager must of told her to.   What I said to her was that she didn’t read his vest.  And I also told her that I said he was a service dog.  And she refused to listen to me the first time.   The manager just kept shaking his head knowing I was right.

These things do happen as some people out there are not educated about service dogs.

The Service Call


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here.  Most of my articles were written back in 2013.   Seems like the older I get the less I write as I am spending a lot of time with Douglas.  He just wants a ton of attention.

As a working hearing dog, he still goes to work with me every week.  And at home he stays in the same room with me.   The reason is so he can notify me of any sounds I might not hear.  A few weeks ago I was waiting for a painter to stop by.

And at the time Douglas was with me in the basement while I was gathering the laundry from my washing machine.   Little did I know the painter was going to be 15 minutes early.    Due to my severe hearing loss I could not hear anyone come to the door.

But Douglas heard it and he notified me right away.   He turned his head towards the stairs and ran to me and tapped me to let me know someone was outside.   If it wasn’t for this dog I would of never answered the door on time.

Thank god Douglas can help me out at times like this when I can’t hear the doorbell or knocking. He make life easier in certain ways.



Dollar General Store: Cashier Asks For Hearing Dog To Leave

douglas in airportWhenever I go out shopping I always bring Douglas my hearing dog along. He is here to help to notify me of sounds I can’t hear at home. Without my hearing aids on I am completely deaf. In most places we go to there are usually never any problems. At the stores people spend a lot of time admiring the dog. They usually come up to me and tell he how cute he looks. He puts smiles on people’s faces everywhere I go.

Anyway I decided to stop at the Dollar General store yesterday. Douglas had his orange hearing dog vest on as we went inside. Also I always hold onto the leash and have him close to me whenever we go shopping. When I was nearly done shopping, a cashier followed us in the store. I was wondering why she was not up front working. All of a sudden she started yelling something to me.

Oh no not again is what I told myself. She came up to me with an annoyed look on her face. Then she nastily said that Douglas cannot be in the store. She said again no dogs were allowed there. This woman was standing right next to me and I wondered why she didn’t observe what his vest said. Finally she took the time to read it. Then she asked me if he was a hearing dog. And I said yes. He is a service dog and he’s allowed in public places.

Then she said something to me that I didn’t appreciate. The next thing I knew she was telling me to keep him close to me. It’s almost as if she was trying to tell me I did something wrong. He is always next to me on the leash that I always hold. So I was not happy that she was giving me orders on my service dog. Not only that she was wrong to ask him to leave. Anyway that was one unpleasant experience in the General Dollar Store.

In this world not many people are educated on these hearing dogs. This is why things like this happen when I go out in public sometimes. All I can do is to help more people to understand more about hearing dogs. Let’s help to spread this information out on these wonderful hearing dogs.

You can check out more articles about my hearing dog on my blog at:


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