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Fighting with stress or how to enjoy life

Fast rate of a life… huge amount of information… long-lasting psychological tension… it’s useless to deny that stress has become our constant companion and a norm of life. We are always aware of our physical health and do not pay much attention to the psychological and emotional state. Still many scientists are sure that most diseases are caused by nervous instability.  Let’s figure out the nature of stress and how exactly we can avoid it.


It is important to know that stress has a different effect on every person. For some people stress is a means to mobilize energy. Another person being in the state of tension is not able to show good results. What determines our reaction to stress? Our personal qualities? Not really. The answer is in biology. Legend says that Alexander the Great loved to check candidates for warlords position. During a party Alexander raised his hand with a sword on a person and watched his reaction. The one whose face was white with fear didn’t pass this exam. If a person was flushed with anger, it meant that he was brave and fit the position. But Alexander didn’t know that hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline are responsible these reactions.

Scientists have found that epinephrine and norepinephrine production varies in each of us. They divided people into different types depending on the predominant hormone:

• Rabbits  – people whose organism produces adrenaline even when the stress rate is low. They are very susceptible to anxiety. “Rabbits” are extremely responsible and unable to “forget” about work even when they are having a rest. These people are prone to stroke, hypertension, depression and nervous breakdowns .

• Lions  – people of norepinephrine type . They easily cope with stressful situations. “Lions” are ambitious, they have the strong character and they are always purposeful. However, it is difficult to unwind for them, which can lead to aggression and unpleasant experiences.

• Mixed type. People of mixed type have increased rate of adrenaline and noradrenaline. They are very emotional, artistic, love attention . People of mixed type tend to quick changes of the mood. Nervous exhaustion and insomnia are frequent problems of such people.

As you can see, the reaction to stress is very different. Obviously, methods of fighting with stress differs for each type mentioned above. Extreme sports will help “Rabbits” suffering from an excess of stress hormone. Parachute jumping and climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving these are great opportunities to get away from the monotonous work and get bright emotions. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before choosing the anti-stressful activity! Internal tension of “Lions” will be removed with the help of physical but not emotional stress. Your salvation is in active sports such as swimming and running. Also it’s useful to go to the gym regularly. These measures will decrease aggression and reduce the possibility of nervous breakdowns. Representatives of the mixed type are constantly fighting with conflicting emotions and strong impressions. Such people mustn’t further expose themselves to physical and emotional stress. Meditation and such spiritual practices as yoga will bring harmony into your life. Be sure to follow the regime and do not neglect the quiet walks in the fresh air.

However there are cases when simple stress relief schemes do not work. In this case, you can try to fight with stress with the help of new methods.

1. Laughter therapy is one of the most popular techniques for removing and preventing stress. In some countries it is used for the treatment of sexual disorders. There are “Clubs of Laughter Therapy.” Sessions are held in the open air, they are free of charge and are very popular.

2. Scream therapy. The reason for the effectiveness of scream therapy is simple. The so-called hormone of happiness (endorphin) is produced by means of creaming. Besides, this hormone is a natural analgetic. Scientists believe that even ten seconds of loud scream are enough to get rid of the tension.

3. Aromatherapy. Essential oils have been known since ancient times for its healing properties. In addition, they are able to help our body to fight against various sources of stress. Oil of bergamot, lemon balm or lemon will help you to calm down. In order to reduce the level of emotional stress, use jasmine, ylang- ylang and Neroli oil. If you need to cheer up , get help from clary sage, geranium and rosemary oils. Lavender, marjoram and rose oils have a relaxing effect. Massage with essential oils is the most reliable way to achieve the desired effect. Aromatic baths and inhalation are also very effective in fighting with stress. But, infants, the elderly, asthmatics and future mothers should avoid taking any essential oils.

4. Art therapy is one of the safest methods of dealing with stress. It has no health or age restrictions. This method is often used to fight with fear, timidity, internal aggression, and to express emotion, which are not shared with anyone. The effectiveness of art therapy is achieved by helping the individual to express feelings through art, and to see these emotions clearly. This approach helps to understand the nature of emotions and get rid of stressful state.

As you can see, fighting with stress can be very enjoyable. After all, we have a big amount of methods to become happier and healthier. Choose the most appropriate! The main thing – do not miss a moment! Otherwise, you are risking to have serious psychiatric disorders, which can be solved only with the help of specialists. Be healthy!

About the author: A wonderful writer Melisa Marzett works on such topics as fashion, beauty and health. She will  gladly contact with you on Google+.  Other essays written by Melisa can be found at quality essay.


Please Provide Touch Screens At All Drive-Thru Restaurants

ImageHave you ever had difficulties ordering from a drive-thru? Do the words come out unclear and broken up through the speakers? Do the person understand or hear you when you talk into the speakers? Do you have to speak up for them to hear your order? Do they ever take your order wrong due not to hearing you right? This can be a problem.In order to solve this problem throughout the world, every drive-thru should consider installing touch screens to order from. This would solve the major problem in the deaf society when using a drive-thru.

It would also help those with speech difficulties that can’t talk through a speaker. Most deaf and hard of hearing people would really like to use a touch screen at the drive-thru’s to make their orders. For now they either have to pull up to the window or go inside. This is very unfair to those with hearing difficulties. Please be fair to everyone in this world and treat us all equally.I have been deaf for 49 years and not much has improved for me when it comes to ordering out at restaurants.

  1. Please to those who manage the drive-thru restaurants to consider installing touch screen menus. This would benefit everyone in the world, not just those with speech and hearing difficulties. Most people want this so why not put them in now and make everyone happier. The speakers at the drive-thru’s are quite a nuisance. Please make the changes now for all of us. We want touch screens.To the managers and owners of all drive-thru restaurants please take this into consideration. This includes Burger king, Arby’s, Tim Horton’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Mighty Taco’s, and all other drive thru’s out there.



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