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How Old Is This Building and What Happened There?


The other day when I took a walk, I noticed a strange building that was built in the old days.  There was a very strange sign on the side that said Bereaved Day of Prayer.  I have never seen such a sign like that in my life.  This must be a very old building with lots of history to it.  Does anyone know anything about this tower and what it was used for?   What was that sign about?    Check out my article on bubblews about this unusual building at:

We Need Someone To Come And To Start A New Invention For The Deaf


It is difficult for me when I go grocery shopping and out to public places when people are trying to speak to me from behind. Usually they don’t get any response because I do not hear them trying to talk to me. The outcome is not good, people are not happy when someone doesn’t answer them. And there is no way for others to know people like me are deaf, unless I can wear something that can identify me as not being able to hear. Please read these two articles on bubblews by clicking on the links below to learn more about this.

Guest Post by John O’Connor


Hi my name is John O’Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman, sports enthusiast and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Check out my new blog at:

Children and Hearing Loss-Changing The Way We See Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a possibility for any person; it can happen at any age.  When people think of the hearing loss, they often think of it as something that only happens to people when they become older in age.  Hearing loss can happen to children and even teenagers.  Eight percent of people in the U.S. population who have experienced significant hearing loss are under the age of 18.  People must understand that hearing loss isn’t age related.

As previously mentioned, hearing loss can occur at practically any age.  It is estimated that 15 percent of children between ages 6 and 19 have either high or low frequency hearing loss.  Children who have experienced hearing loss will likely have trouble with verbal communication, word order and grammar in school. Children can wear hearing aids as an option or learn sign language to improve their ability to communicate.  Sign language allows a person to communicate with others when a person is hard of hearing or has become deaf.

Children suffering from hearing loss may be bullied by their peers as a result of their condition. Adversity resulting from hearing loss shouldn’t discourage children from pursuing their dreams. Inspirational stories from people like Thomas Edison and Tamika Catchings show how people can persevere.  Thomas Edison, a businessman and successful inventor, lost his hearing at the age of twelve.  Edison developed a positive attitude and learned to embrace this impairment.  He began to concentrate on his work and experiments, inventing the phonograph, carbon microphone and incandescent light bulb.  Tamika Catchings, a six-time WNBA All-Star player and Olympic Gold Medalist, lost her hearing at a young age.  The hearing impairment motivated her to work hard on the basketball court and helped her navigate the bullying she experienced as a result of her hearing loss.

EarQ, a company who is a supplier of hearing aids, has launched a campaign called HearStrong to raise awareness and address the social stigmas of hearing loss.  The campaign identifies role models who encourage people to pursue their endeavors despite their hearing impairments.  These “HearStrong Champions” aim to change how people perceive individuals suffering from hearing loss.

A person who has become deaf or hard of hearing should know that there are no limitations for people with hearing loss.  Children should be tested regularly for hearing loss and take steps to preserve their hearing.  Parents with children who have loss their hearing should be prepared to help their children embrace the condition and understand that they are no different from other children.  With the right knowledge, technical resources and attitude, any person with hearing loss can go on to do great things.

The iCom


I just recently started using an iCom to help me hear on my cell phone. This device works really well, and the sound coming through it is so loud and clear. Now, I can hear better on my cell phone than my house phone as it sounds so much louder coming through my hearing aids itself. You can read two of my articles on bubblews that tells you how this works. Just click on the two links below and it will take you to the articles.

It’s Difficult to Fit In Being Deaf

fairyCheck out my post on bubblews at:

Guest Post: The Essay Writing Service UK by Paul Smith

Guest post on SEO Tips

SEO tips for bloggers

I am Paul Smith. I am extremely fond of travelling, blogging and I work as a writer at .   I hope that you will find these tips useful for your blogging career. I will be glad to discuss with you different issues and additional questions on my site.


Blog – is a communicative platform, successfully used in the Internet marketing as a source of information you want to spread over the society. Blogging gives you an opportunity to attract a great number of your target auditory and offer them everything you want. However, blogging alone is just a platform, so you should promote it for your ideas to be heard. This time you should remember a very popular word in the sphere of Internet marketing – SEO. What does it mean? Some of the bloggers want just to share their thoughts or ideas with the others, find the like-minded thought leaders, because blogging for them is just a way to spread an excellent content. However, your voice will not be heard in case you don’t promote it.

At the very beginning, the SEO strategies were rather simpler than now. Every blogger, who wanted to promote his site, just needed to use frequently used keywords in the search engines and put them in the articles from his blog. The more keywords the better – it was the only condition of successful blog’s existence. Now, this tip won’t help you anymore, the other way round, quality content is appreciated more than ever, and these frequently used keywords can push your ranking down instead of up. However, it doesn’t mean that you have no acceptable possibilities to improve your blog position. Here are some of the most effective ways:

What about keywords, so, you can use them, but it would be more effective if they will be richer (using phrases related to your content) and used in the right context. Google is smart enough to recognize the right context and there are more chances to better traction.

Take care about the quality of the content. You don’t need to spend sleepless nights creating something incredibly unique and impressive. Just think about your audience’s needs and try to provide them with the information that is useful for them, so that they want to share it with their friends. Thus, you will increase the number of the users and you will get more natural links, that will connect to your blog.

Analytics is your friend. If you don’t use it, remember, you lose a lot in the process of optimization. Install analytics to your blog, thus you will see the most read blogs and phrases people write to find the information. In this case, you will learn what posts are the most popular, so it will be appropriate to write more about it.

Use images. Images, used in the field with posts make them more visible, especially when they contain the title or the main idea of your article. It will capture readers’ attention and attract your like-minded persons.

Get your own domain. Your own domain fulfills two important functions at the same time: it increases your page rank and makes your blog more credible. The authority is one of the main factors, which is taken into account by the  search engines. Moreover, if your domain contains the title of your brand, it will be trustful to your audience and will make an impression of your serious attitude towards the blog.

Follow the Search Engines innovations. If you want to deal with SEO of your blog, it is better to be up-to-date with its new tendencies, because search engines frequently improve algorithms on the quality content. One more advice is to learn SEO new strategies.

Here is the list of most common and effective techniques, however it depends upon you, if they bring a promotion to your blog. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use the other devices for promotion, you can even design your own way of popularization of your blog and share it with us.

Deaf Lady Uses Subtitle Glasses For The First Time

glasses on candy machine

Today I went to the movies and I asked for the subtitle glasses at the ticket counter. I wore them as I watched the movie and I was able to understand everything that was going on. It has closed captioning on the screen of the glasses and I was pretty comfortable with it. At first I thought it would be difficult to use them. But once I tried them and watched the movie I was very pleased. These are good glasses for the deaf to use at the Regal Cinemas. I am very grateful that they are out now for those who can’t hear.

Make sure you read my article about the special glasses on bubblews at:


subtitle glasses in front of popcorn machine



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