Computers-How to Keep Them Working Good

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When you are working on your blogs, it’s important for you to have your computer in good working condition. Each day you should run the antivirus scan software to keep it free of viruses.   I do that once a day and the program I am using is the Microsoft security essentials software.   It works good and I was able to  download it straight from my computer.

When you have spent time downloading a lot of pictures and programs, it takes up some space.   It would be a good idea to go into your files and delete any old pictures and programs that you are not using anymore.   That way you will have more space to upload more pictures without cramming your computer up.   If you want to clean out your files and you don’t want to lose your pictures, you can easily upload them into the Photobucket files in your name.    Or you can save them into your account on facebook or at myspace.
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Make sure to keep your computer screens free of dust and dirt. You can take a dry cloth and just wipe it off from time to time. Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep the laptop closed when you’re not using it, so that dust doesn’t get inside it. To clean the computer screen, I use the Monster Screen Cleaner Solution. I just spray it on and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You should also take the keyboard and shake out the dirt inside of it once in a while if you can.
There are programs that come with your computer that you can use to make it run better. Once in a while use the disk defragmenter drive to improve the system’s performance. And make sure you go to internet properties from the control panel and delete the temporary files,history,cookies, and saved passwords. Good luck!

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  1. All good advice and I am in the habit of doing these too!

  2. Thanks. It’s amazing how I learned so much on my own on how to fix computer problems when I knew nothing when I started.

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