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In my past I’ve experienced some strange encounters of the unknown. When I was in college, over 25 years ago, I had a very disturbing experience. A friend took me to Galway Lake to spend the weekend in a cabin. It was in the middle of the woods, with no electricity, phones or lights. And there were no neighbors or people. This place was spooky at night, it was pitch black. But we would go fishing at the lake there on the rowboat during the day and that was fun. The cabin was so old, it looked like it was built in the 1800’s. My friend’s family owned it. Well one night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked up. There was a 7 foot man that had on a t-shirt and jeans and he looked like one of those old timer-timber men that chopped wood. If you ever watch those really old black and white movies, he looked like a man from the past that lived out in the woods. Well I thought this man broke into the cabin, and he looked right at me and had angry RED eyes. Once I saw his eyes, I knew he wasn’t human. He looked terribly angry and I screamed and woke my friend up. I couldn’t look anymore as I was terrified. I hid under the covers till the morning. And I asked my friend to get me out of there and to take me home first thing. I got myself and my stuff out of that cabin as fast I could and never went back. That place was haunted. By the way my friend never saw the ghost, just me. He even tried to convince me that I was seeing things. Since it was so frightening, I would feel better trying to convince myself it was my imagination. Except it was not, I was sitting up and I saw it.

As the years went by, people kept on telling me there’s no such thing as ghosts. Okay, so I denied what I saw, I kept trying to tell myself it’s not real. But then why can’t I convince myself it’s not what I really saw? However as time went by, I forgot about that frightening experience and led myself to believe there are no ghosts. That wasn’t too hard to do, until I saw another one, then my beliefs went down the drain. My grandmother passed away several years ago and I went to Cocoa Beach, Florida to the funeral. At the service, my uncle gave a speech. He was trying not to cry as he read the words. Her name was Mrs. Rosenblum and she was the owner of about 5 Stuff To Wear stores all around Florida. He said that grandma does not want us to cry, she wants us to be brave and happy, no matter what happens. Well I cried anyway, she was gone. I took a plane back home and some of her furniture was shipped to my place including her t.v.


One night I went to bed and I cried for hours, as I knew I would never see her again, or as I thought. I fell asleep then at 3 in the morning I woke up and felt that some one was in my room. Now why do these spirits always got to creep up on us in the middle of the night? Why not during the day or in a public place where there’s people to protect us? Why do they only appear when we are all alone in the middle of the night in a dark place? I hate that. It’s almost as if they want to play hide and seek when we are sleeping and that is the worst time to do it. Anyway I looked straight at my window and there was something standing in front of it, next to my bed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought no way, the window is supposed to be there. Nope I looked up and there was a 7 foot tall woman wearing a long black cape with a hood. It looked like she was talking to me, but I had my hearing aids off, so I didn’t hear her. She just looked at me like she was expecting an answer. This woman seemed to know me and did have a kind appearance, but I could not see her face, she looked down. She was only a foot away and was standing right next to me. I’m thinking, oh my god, there is no such thing, but yet, there was something, in my room, a spirit of someone. I froze with fear. Yes, I knew she was kind and was not there to hurt me, she just wanted me to stop crying, like my grandma said. And oh boy, I quit crying. Then I reached for the light, as I thought what is this? And the woman looked startled and she ran around my bed and out my room. I turned on the lights and ran after it, and it disappeared. I checked the whole house, nobody broke in and my daughter was deep asleep. She meant no harm, she was probably concerned and just wanted me to stop crying. She also wanted to send me a message to let me know that I will see her again. I knew that. After that experience, I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I just decided to leave the answers in the unknown and to leave this as a mystery. Believe me, I was so scared to be in my room after that happened. I didn’t sleep in my room for half a year because it scared me. Yes I know I shouldn’t be afraid, she was just looking out for me. But that was way too creepy and spooky for me to handle. Knock on wood, I never saw it again, and I am still in the same room where it happened. I am okay. And yes I do sleep in my room now.


Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids (Photo credit: ikesters)

hearing aid cartoonHearing aids are one of the greatest inventions for the needs of the deaf. I would be lost without them. The only times when I don’t wear them is when I’m in the pool, or sleeping, or my ears are sore. They can feel uncomfortable at times, but I am used to it. When I was a kid, I had to get a few stitches in my right ear. It seems like the rubbing of the ear molds on the ears can agitate it a little bit. Every 5 years,the audiologist sends me in for a hearing test to get an update on my hearing. When I was little my hearing loss was about 75% in my left ear and 80% in the right. This year I had two hearing tests done at the audiologist. They told me my hearing has gotten much worst.   per hearing aid, so that’s a total of 3,000 all together. So that is a blessing.

Sometimes they do break. And it is expensive getting them fixed. I always save an old pair on hand in case this happens. I really don’t want to go without wearing the hearing aids, I can’t hear anything if I don’t. When they are not on, it feels like all the sounds are being shut off. Then I feel uncomfortable going anywhere without them on. Mainly because I can’t hear voices, or talking, things like that. I feel lost. It’s the similar feeling of listening to your favorite music then someone shuts it off and you can’t hear it anymore. You’re feeling disappointed. Things I can hear without hearing aids, are doors that slam, or anything really loud. Like things being dropped to the floor, or any kind of banging sound, but that’s about it. If someone were to talk right into my ear close up, I would hear that. Strange isn’t it?

All my life I always wished I wouldn’t have to wear hearing aids anymore. Up to this day, I still can’t hear without them, so wearing them is a must. They make me feel so different from others. Almost like a bionic robot. When I was little I was ashamed of being seen with them. It just felt weird because I was the only kid in the school that wore hearing aids. It was almost embarrassing for me. When I first got them I had dreams of having a radio button being installed on my hearing aids, and always thought that would be so cool. Well that never happened. As I grew up, lots of people didn’t know what hearing aids were. Sometimes I would have to explain to them what they were used for and so on. Up to this day, I still don’t want to be seen wearing the hearing aids, and I’m 48 years old. The most embarrassing thing is when I’m in a room full of people and the hearing aids start whistling and I can’t hear it. Then people are staring at me like, what on earth is that noise? I hate it when that happens, I just want to go and hide. But I lived with using them all my life, so this is nothing new. Today I’m just grateful I can afford to get them, and that they are covered by my insurance. I need these things!

Deaf Girl Grows Up by Susana the Deaf Lady

This video is about a little girl growing up and not finding out she was deaf till she was 3 years old.

Water is the Healthiest Drink


When I was a kid, my parents always made sure I ate healthy.  They knew I never liked water, so they would have me drink milk or juice.    Then I went to college, and celebrated my freedom of eating whatever I wanted and drinking whatever beverages I wanted without my parents telling me what I can or can’t eat.    That’s when I started drinking soda daily, and I regret this.    My health problems started in college from drinking lots of soda and eating lots of junk food.    I started having vertigo, and blamed it on my deafness, since I was born with a 90 percent hearing loss.    There were times when I got so dizzy where I couldn’t walk without throwing up, I ended up in the hospital for x-rays.  They never found anything wrong with me.  Then the heart problems started.   I was having rapid heart beat problems every time I drank a glass of soda.   It took me years to figure this out, that the sugar and caffeine in the soda was giving me health problems.   Then the day came when I decided to start drinking spring water instead of pop.     I made it a daily habit to drink water with all my meals.  It kind of has a plain boring flavor so I would drink orange juice also when I had the craving for it.   And I started to lose weight when I quit drinking all that pop.   My health problems started to diminish.   If you want to lose weight and for your health to get better start drinking water!  It’s the best and healthiest drink all around!  And it’s free!  As of today,I am drinking water daily, and it’s good for your teeth too.

Video with pictures of me as a deaf child growing up


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